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The IDConfirm platform includes all components needed to deploy strong authentication in your organization and for a low total cost of ownership. This is realized through packaged plug-and-play solutions that are adaptable to existing networks and AAA servers and built according to open OATH standards.

IDConfim offers the highest level of security for two factor authentication. You can choose from a wide range of connected or unconnected form factors including smart cards, tokens, and mobile or desktop OTP. Our software solutions are open, scalable and evaluative and support either an on-premise or cloud deployment model. Because businesses and users have different security needs, Gemalto offers several solutions from onetime password (OTP) technology to full public key infrastructure (PKI) based smart card deployment. Gemalto solutions provide flexibility and allow IT administrators to provide different authentication devices based upon user need.

With Gemalto solutions, you have a smooth migration path from OTP to PKI based deployment without having to change devices.Read more


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