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IDProve - 100 One- Time Password Token

Gemalto Offers multifactor authentication, strong authentication uses two or more different forms of identity verification from the classifications of what you know (password, PIN), something you have (smart card, token). Onetime password (OTP) dmevices provide an additional layer of security, and are a good start to making sure your network is protected by more than simple static passwords. The user enters their username and the numeric code generated by the OTP device. The authentication server validates the code and access is granted to the appropriate network resources. Read more


IDProve 300 Out-of-Band Mobile Token

Gemalto’s IDProve one-touch user experience for strong authentication allows businesses to leverage the security of one-time passwords (OTPs) using mobile phones. Users simply press the Send Passcode button on the mobile device and secure access to enterprise resources is granted. Gemalto’s Out-of-Band (OOB) authentication provides two separate channels which are accessed simultaneously to authenticate in an easier, more secure way. Read more



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