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Commercial Automation

Simple Answers for Complex Systems

A control and automation system integrates all the electronic systems in and around your office through simple and easy-to-use touch screens or remote controls.

Advanced automation systems are very intelligent and can determine the status of the office and environment.

Pre-configured scenarios can be activated remotely or adapted to suit environmental changes such as temperature, lighting and moisture. A presentation can be activated at the touch of a button which can close blinds, lower a projection screen and start the projector.

An automation system can be designed to control:

  • lighting.
  • security.
  • windows and doors
  • heating & cooling
  • motorized projection screens and projector lifts
  • blinds and drapery and many more systems around the office and workplace.

MCS Commercial solutions

MCS build a very good packages according our customer needs , we care during our package selection on customer requirements, environment requirements, budget allowed, and many other factors we are very care about it.

Conference Room Solution

Solace can design and construct your new conference room, or redesign your existing one to include automated features such as touch panel controls to activate your projector, plasma screen, window shades, and more.
Conference Rooms Automation solutions also include:

  • Curtain controls
  • Intelligent lighting systems
  • Wide screen plasma / LCD monitors, projectors
  • Audio/video systems
  • Electronic white boards
  • Video Conferencing

Solace automated conference room allows you to take full advantage of new technologies and will ultimately save your organization both time and money.

Hotels/ Hospitality

Solace developed its technologies to deliver the latest luxurious Solutions for hotels and hospitality.
Solace Hotels / Hospitality automation allows the user to control

  • Lighting
  • Curtains
  • Air Condition

All these features are controlled by the panel and the user can also control his room even if he is away using his smart phone or iPad. He can also activate profiles to suit his needs like morning, sleep and back profiles.

Building Intelligent Solutions

Solace can help the medium size businesses to integrate new and existing building systems - affordably. Your customized solution will simplify facility management and help your building to become more cost-efficient, comfortable and safe
Building intelligent solutions will enable the medium size businesses to control

  • Lighting
  • Security Systems


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